PopUp Sound production Rates:

Depending on the type of production, production time, script, I can make you a more customized offer.

Summary equipment package:

I work with high end, professional sound-equipment:

– Sonosax SX-R4+
– Sound Devices 688-CL12 recorder/mixer;
– Sound Devices MixPre-6

– 1 Zaxcom QRX235 ifb receiver;
– 3 Zaxcom QRX200 receivers,
– 5 Zaxcom TRXLa3.6 transmitters;
– 1 Zaxcom ZMT3.5
– 1 Zaxcom Wireless Boom TXR743.6
– 3 Audio Wireless Receiver/Transmitters.

Schoeps cmit, Schoeps MK41, Schoeps CCM41, Schoeps MK8 (for mid/side recording), Schoeps MSTC64C (ORTF Stereo microfoon), Sennheiser MKH70, Sanken CS-3e, Hydrofoon Ambiance ASF-1, Electro Voice RE 50, Sanken, Countryman and DPA lavaliers,

– Several Cinela (MS) Zappelin and Shockmounts;

Several boom’s; Boombox and 30M multicable for boomopp;
– 1 Audio playback on sound cart;
– 1 Sound Devices CL12 Alaia;
– 1 Small Soundbooth for on location voice over recording.

– 3 Zaxcom Erx3 IFB and Timecode receiver;
– 1 Sennheiser EW300 with 2 receivers, for boomopp or director
– 1 Phonax small in ear system for actor cue’s;
– 2 Kenwood porto’s for sound department.

Camera Snake with monitor return, headphone’s.


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